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WHAT makes us Different ?

We provide a Secure, Smart and Simple Platform for Faxing throughout the world

Secure Network

Our faxing network is self sovereign and self healing to the most extent possible allowing a high level of efficiency & flexibility.

Fast, Reliable and Secure

Not only we provide competetive rates for faxing, but we also have top notch quality and we support a large range of file types.

Open Integration

Everyone can use our platform around the world. They can Push and Pull DATA from our Platform using our API to create applications.

Open Rating

We provide a Community based Rating system in which our users are allowed to rate their Faxing experience. This ensures quality at all levels.

Open Notifications

For Fax delivery both send and recieve, we offer notifications for priority faxes via Email, SMS and even telephone calls.

Open Payments

We have flexible package plans to suffice both personal and business needs. Despite being economical, our faxing quality is unmatched.


Additional fax lines for the same paid plan (free plan ineligible): New fax lines are $35 a year.You will be charged $35 immediately when you select to add an additional fax line to your plan. The new line may be assigned to any team member.


$ 0 / month*

  • Pay as You go
  • 5 Pages
  • No Team
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$ 40 / Year*

SAVE upto 17% Yearly

  • 2400 Pages
  • 5 Members

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$ 100 / Year*

SAVE upto 17% Yearly

  • 4800 Pages
  • 10 Members

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$ 200 / Year*

SAVE upto 17% Yearly

  • 9600 Pages
  • 20 Members

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The Future

We envision seamless, carbon free Faxing services which will leave the concepts of ownership behind and focus on decentralized sharing solutions.

Fax Machines Usage decrease by 46 % by 2030

Over a decade, the demand for paperless faxing is going to skyrocket and usage of physical Fax Machines would decline. We need to prepare NOW !

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$15 BILLION of Fax over IP services Consumption by 2030

The projected usage of Faxing Infrastructure is going to be around 15 BILLION USD by 2030. Traditional Fax machines are going to become obselete. This is tremendous !

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What we Solve

The IP Services market is facing major challenges. To leverage its full potential, We are creating an ecosystem for Faxing Infrastructure to overcome those challenges

Paperless Faxing

We eliminate the need of Fax machines and we tend to provide paperless faxing with the state of the art technology.

Delivery Rates

We have an array of top Tier 1 carriers that ensure delivery of your faxes. Our delivery rates are 99 % for all fax requests.

Faxing Security

We are HIPPA complaint and we provide security and encryption at the core level of transmission between 2 endpoints.

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